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I designed my training to opening communication and building the bond between you and your dog. Training must be rewarding on both ends of the leash for it to work.



Benefits of my training programs

Building the Bond

My training is designed to provide your relationship with your dog in a practical approach. You will find through daily training you will grow closer to your dog with every session. All courses have pre loaded videos and daily assignments Learning together is growing together. 

Opening Communication 

 I have found that most people don't actually need a trainer they just need a path to follow. In many cases most people are doing everything right just some timing is off. Some small changes to your timing can change the world for you and your dog. 

Cancelation: You can cancel your class at any time. If you choose to cancel your class please do so prior to the end of your billing cycle to avoid additional charges.To cancel log into your account. Go to ME at the top of the page go down to account and then click cancel subscription. Once you cancel you will have access to the class you purchased until the end of your billing cycle. There are no refunds and cancelation is your responsibility. Emailing a request to cancel will not guarantee you subscription will be canceled right away. There are NO REFUNDS.

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